Minecraft beta servers

Periodically, we release early versions of Minecraft updates to test out new features, shake out the wrinkles and squish the bugs before they reach a wider audience. It’s also a cool way to check out what new stuff is coming down the pipe. Then follow the instructions below — but be aware: betas are by their nature a bit unstable, and things are minecraft beta servers to be weird, wonky or just plain wrong. The game may crash and things you build might get corrupted.

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It’s a small risk, but a risk nonetheless! Here’s what you need to do. Java Edition In the Java Edition, we put out regular test versions known as Snapshots: just go to the Launch Options tab, enable Snapshots, and then select the latest snapshot by clicking the arrow next to the Play button on the main tab. We also run beta tests for Minecraft on console, mobile and Windows 10.

Windows 10 You will need to own the digital version of the game. For the beta, disc owners are not supported — sorry! Go to the Store app on Xbox One or a Windows 10 PC. Search for the Xbox Insider Hub app. Download and install Xbox Insider Hub. Android Head over here for a breakdown of how to access betas on Android.